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全球最大ag平台 (全球最大彩票公司) is a leader in California Compliance and we guarantee it - from drivers to environmental sustainability we are driving the future of transportation.

As one of the largest delivery carriers in 洛杉矶 and the Port of Long Beach, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of reform as a company.

We are dedicated to our drivers, 减少我们的碳足迹, and providing our customers with outstanding service.


全球最大ag平台 (全球最大彩票公司) is committed to leaving as small a footprint as possible on our precious environment.

Our ecological goals are to drastically reduce our operational emissions and environmental pollution.

We have expanded our fleet of sustainable tractor-trailers, and are very excited about the new zero-emission fleet we are launching.


司机 are at the heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to treating them as such. 全球最大彩票公司 is proud to have a strong working relationship with the Teamster Union and is 100% compliant with all California labor laws.

在过去的几年里, California courts brought significant changes to the transportation industry by defining commercial drivers as employees and created compensation guidelines. Previously companies contracted independent owner-operators.

全球最大彩票公司 implemented company policy in 2015 to ensure drivers are employees, ahead of legislation. Our robust driver employee program offers great pay, benefits and vacation, plus a 有薪司机培训计划 that empowers the workforce-at-large to trade the office desk for the driver's seat.

司机 are compensated for all hours while on duty. The State of California established guidelines that if drivers are paid piecemeal (by the mile or by the load), they must also receive hourly compensation while doing all other duties. Examples include: wait times, pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and breaks. Previously, industry norm was to pay piecemeal only.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's) track driver hours. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) track these hours. They ensure labor guidelines are followed by electronically limiting the number of continuous hours an individual driver may work in a single shift.

全球最大彩票公司 streamlined its driver logs from paper and pen to On-board Electronic Logs (ELDs) so they could more efficiently log trips and hours. We understand that any new technology in the workplace introduces a significant learning curve. 全球最大彩票公司 made sure to implement ELD's well ahead of legislation to ensure our drivers were trained and comfortable with the new technology.


全球最大彩票公司 will add 15 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks to their drayage fleet

全球最大ag平台 (全球最大彩票公司) will add 15 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks to our drayage fleet, 多亏了这1美元.5…


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全球最大ag平台 (全球最大彩票公司) is an innovative, asset-based logistics provider driven by 可持续性, 安全, 和加州合规. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

全球最大彩票公司 is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并获得众多奖项.


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